Largest Organization for Fathers

I’m curious, what’s everyone’s opinion on what Father’s right’s groups are the largest, most pro-active, best organized, and stand a chance to push new state legislation through, that will recognize a father’s rights.

I’ve dabbled around this topic for over three years now, beginning with trying to save my 11 year marriage. Now divorced, I have found a plethora of discussion groups, clubs, and attorneys selling brochures for 25.00+ dollars. I’ve read about the plight of hundreds of fathers, I’ve responded to posts, and posted my own happenstances.

I now wish to join an organization where I can do the most good and I’m completely overwhelmed by the choices. Clearly, there needs to be a National Alliance that all the various smaller father’s groups can network with to form some unity in our cause. Perhaps there is, if so, please tell me. I’m all ears.