The fatherhood initiative is not all it is cracked up to be

I joined this organization in the Lancaster PA area. I was assigned to a counselor who I saw for approximately 4 months. We determined my most immediate needs were to gain control of my finances, find an apartment I could afford, find better daycare solutions that were more affordable and flexible due to my work schedule, and gain concealing. David, the counselor, was working on a list of landlords that may take me with my bad credit, which was created by my soon to be ex’s spending over a 3 year period of our marriage. He was fired for unknown reasons and the counselor I was then assigned to had no records of what David and I were working on.

He came up with his own agenda of me getting into counseling and ignored my needs to find housing. I was already attempting to find counseling that was appropriate for me but was having trouble due to my irratic work schedule and differences in priority. I felt becoming homeless with a 2 year old daughter was more of a concern than my mental health. The president of this chapter came into one of our meetings and decided I was not following my counselor’s plans I suggested I should ‘ seek counseling with agencies they were suggesting and not return until I had done so.’ He was really upset because I kept showing up in their office since they kept canceling meetings with me.

I have reported my feelings to the national fatherhood initiative and received no response. I feel this group is not interested in the real needs of fathers, instead they are interested in politics and funding.

My current situation is just weeks away from homelessness. My landlord is not intending to renew my lease and I can’t afford it anyway. My credit is totally messed up. I had phenomenal credit 3 years ago, got married and didn’t realize my wife could spend my savings and screw up my credit in just 3 years. I now have $50,000 debts and facing bankruptcy. My wife has decided to marry her newest boyfriend and wants to hurry the divorce so she can take my daughter from me. Can’t find anything good to say about this organization though I have learned from speaking to others that I am not the only one unhappy with the Lancaster chapter of the Fatherhood Initiative.