An organization cannot help every person

Certainly it is true that an organization cannot help every person that comes to it. If they told me they could not help it would be one thing. To give me the same resources I had been given by the previous counselor, which I had already contacted and determined that for important reasons such as religious differences, or scheduling difficulties, that I could not use their services, and to place the need for emotional support above survival, housing, food, daycare so I can work, and telling me not to return until I set up counseling was just an excuse to get rid of me because I was insistent on showing up in their office after they broke appointments without notice. I was and am desperate to find shelter for my daughter and me. I will lose my daughter to my wife within a month since I have no means of taking care of her.

My current situation is my fault for letting it happen but I was in love with my wife and was taken advantage of. I believed I could talk to her and gain control of her spending problems but I was too late when I discovered that there was no way to control her. I had $30,000 when we met in savings. I now have nothing. My debts exceed $50,000. The IRS is now planning to take my property and ability to survive. I am only trying to survive to take care of my daughter. When that need cannot be met there is nothing. Perhaps giving up would be less painful.

The Lancaster chapter of Fatherhood… has left a bad taste in my mouth and I could not support that organization or any with affiliation. In fact I have begun to speak publicly against the Fatherhood Init. in favor of more radical groups in support of Fathers.