As many of you may know

As many of you may know, we have been expanding on our idea for Dads House. Dads House needs to be more than just a hiding place. It needs to be some place where fathers can take their kids when they need something to do for a weekend visitation. A place where fathers can go to find someone to talk to about how they are feeling about a divorce, about not seeing their kids as often, and to learn how to be a better father. A place, where we will not only protect fathers and children from the abuse of a violent mother, but how protect them from the abuse of a court system. And, a place that will stand out as a show place for fathers to demonstrate that they are as much a parent as a mother.

We are attempting to purchase a 9.72 acre piece of property with an old VFW building on it. The building has two floors with 5500 Sq. ft. of floor space. It sits on a bluff, above I-35, which will allow for advertising long the freeway. There are wooded areas that we plan to create a nature walk with picnic tables. It is bordered by an elementary school and an apartment complex.

Imagine if you will, a place where you know you can take your kids to play ball with other fathers and their children. Or while the kids are playing, you can go in and use the law library and computers. Just feel like sitting and reminiscing? There is a balcony to sit on, sip a soda, and talk to other fathers. We may even consider a stocked pond for fishing. Bamboo poles, ten feet of string, a bobber, and hook. Nothing fancy, just a place to sit and enjoy a little fishing. A woman once told me that she did not realize how much the children learned from their father, just sitting on a bank fishing. When did she learn this lesson? After his sudden death from a heart attack, and she realizes that she had been wrong all those years, when she thought that he didn’t do much with the kids.