Thank you so much

I have also joined the other site. We are in California but the baby is in Minnesota. The ex says that letting him speak to his son is only a “courtesy” and the baby is too young to know the difference anyway. (16 months)

I can’t believe that there is not something temporary to do while waiting for court.

A child’s life could pass by before the legal system catches up. Thanks again, see you on moms!

Phone calls to baby

Hi. I am a new member with a boyfriend going through a very ugly custody battle. We’ve been told that he has no rights until things go before a judge, and the lawyers and x are dragging their feet.

Is there nothing that can be done in the meantime to force the x to allow phone calls to baby? It’s been a year, child is 16 months old, mother left with child, moved out of state and has only allowed 10 days visitation, calls were allowed until she became engaged and moved in with another man. HELP!