I don’t know where else to turn

Please Help!

I am the loving father of 5 children (the second being the result of her extramarital affair). I have not seen or heard from my oldest for 8 years. My ex-wife has totally alienated all of my children from me except for my youngest daughter.

After reading all the material on Parental Alienation Syndrome, I now know that my ex-wife is a “TEXTBOOK” case of an “active Alienator”. All of my children have become totally alienated except for the last one, a thirteen-year-old daughter, Stefani. I have faced every accusation in the book. She has gone through eight different attorneys over the ten-year period. I only had two weeks that I did not have a case open against me, during the first seven years after our divorce. She has even gotten “Protective Services” involved by accusing me of stalking her simply because I come to pick up my children. My ex-wife has even had me arrested for trespassing when I went on the property to pick up my daughter at the court appointed time. Now we have to let my daughter walk down the long driveway in the rain, sleet, and snow to get to come to see me. My ex-wife tells her that she “deserves it for going to see him”. She EVEN turned my parents against me to the point they re-wrote their will just before they died and leaving me out. Se has been diagnosed as passive aggressive w/ paranoia and Borderline tenancies.

I have been grieving for ten years as I have lost one child after the other to PAS. It is like loosing a child in war; like they are Missing In Action (MIA), with no closure. I know that I will not be able to bear loosing my last child.

I am getting further behind on child support and I cannot afford an expensive trial or even an attorney because I am now partially disabled due to the ten years of stress and depression, combined with severe sleep apnea, arthritis, and cluster migraines.

Are there ANY organizations that legally or financially help victims of PAS?

Do you know if there are ANY attorneys in Georgia that will allow me to pay on a plan?

Would anyone be interested in buying my story in exchange for attorney’s fees and expert witnesses?

Can you help me in ANY way?????