Child support

I’m a “newbie” but have been looking for a club exactly like this for awhile, my question is that I was paying support directly to her but the judge recommend that I go through the child support division which I did and was having the child support deducted from my pay, about the time that they started deducting my pay I was awarded full custody of my kids because my ex decided to leave the state (CA) I was still having child support being deducted from pay but was also receiving a check from child support stating that I over paid.

I have also received a letter from child support stating that they were going to close the case and discontinue deducting my pay which they did,now today I found out that my income tax refund is being “held” by child support division for child support, all the time that I personally paid child support I did not miss a payment because I have heard horror stories about what happens if you miss payments and I didn’t want this happen to me, my ex has been gone for almost 7 months and I haven’t received any support from her.

She is now living in a homeless shelter in Oklahoma so I haven’t even considered trying to get child support from her even though I feel she should pay just like I had too and now seems like I’m still doing,,Mel