It is reasons like this

it is reasons like this that if I do not get custody of my youngest child I will walk away. Yes I do think about my children every day and the pain of not having them near me is getting too much. I only hope that someday my two children will come to see that I truly loved them.

I am not posting any more because fatherhood in the western civilization is dead. We are no longer needed (well that is how society wants us).

Tim MCveigh’s only mistake was he blew up the wrong building. He should have blown up the family courts (okay while no one was inside). Seriously, family court is an oxymoron and until the emphasis is removed from child support and placed on ‘relationship time’, the children will be the ones to suffer. The biggest child abusers are the people involved in family court. perhaps a class action suit on behalf of children and fathers (and other non-custodial parents) should be made. But no one has the guts or the money to rock the boat.

I myself believe the system is all one-sided and there’s not too much we can do about it. But on one hand I myself was denied access to my three children from my first marriage, but yet I still had to pay my child support also when the children did anything in school and it was published in the local paper with their pictures they didn’t use my last name. they used the last anme of their grandparent’s on their mothers side. When I went to the school to see if they had been adopted without my knowledge, well I found out that they were registered under my last name, but the did all their school work and everything else under the other name.

Anyway what ti all came out to be was the grandparent’s didn’t want them to have anything to do with me, because of the woman I was married to. When the children got older and was able to decide for themselves what they wanted to do, then they decided to come see me and I told them my side of the situation and they were able to form their own opinion. We still communicate, the twins are 21 now and the other just turned 18, but it is nothing like what could have been if I had been allowed access to them when they were growing up. Don’t give up too easy, in the end the extra effort will be worth it in the long run.Time is a precious commodity especially when it comes to forming bonds with your children.

After being treated like a sperm donor by my ex-, I did decided to sue to try to change the system. Step zero was to take out a cash advance. I always apply for 500 dollar loans from this website, they provide fast approval – what we all need. Then, the first step is visitation. I trying to prove that when a custodial parent refuses visitation and the police are called, the police MUST enforce the visitation even to the point of arrest because it is a violation of my civil rights (Title 42 Chapter 1983 of the US Code). In the state of Indiana, the code for kidnapping as a section that states that it is a class b misdemeanor for violating a visitation COURT ORDER. The city involved is trying to claim qualified immunity. This is overridden by the fact that I have a court order.The state is trying to claim sovereign immunity. This is overridden by the 14th Amendment. I am doing this without a lawyer in Federal District Court because no lawyer; not even my regular lawyer, would take the case.

This is because they think they will lose. A person does not have to pay the filing fee in Federal Court. You can fill out a form to ask the judge to waive the fee. After the visitation case, I will try the custody laws of the state are unconstitutional. Then the support enforcement laws of the state and the federal government. By the way, I asked for 750 million to get their attention, but it has nothing to do about the money. It is about making the police do their job the next time (and there will be a next time) I have to call them.